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Title: Intensification of the contact clarifiers work during the drinking water preparation
Authors: Stanislav S. Dushkin, Станислав Станиславович Душкин
Serhii Martynov, Сергей Юрьевич Мартынов
Душкін, Станіслав Сергійович
Keywords: aluminum sulphate
contact clarifier
filtering bed
intensification of purification
quartz sand
surface water purification
water filtration
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2018
Abstract: In this paper we studied the intensification of the water clarification process on contact clarifiers with quartz sand fil-tering bed, which was modified with a solution of aluminum sulphate coagulant. The modification of the quartz sand filter-ing bed was carried out by applying to the surface of grains of quartz sand solution of coagulant aluminum sulphate with different doses. Investigation of the electrokinetic potential of the filtering material (quartz sand) was carried out by the percolation potential method.
ISSN: PL ISSN 1429–7426, e-ISSN 2083-453
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