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Title: The double charge explosion models of explosive gases mixture to create a fire barrier
Authors: Дубінін, Дмитро Петрович
Лісняк, Андрій Анатолійович
Keywords: fire barrier, ground fuels, natural fire, double charge, simulation of the explosion of the charge
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Проблемы пожарной безопасности. – Харьков, 2017. – № 41. – С. 65 – 69.
Abstract: In the work we analyzed the risk of wildfires and proved the efficient use of the explosive method to combat wildfires. A mathematical model of the double chargeexplosion from explosive gasesmixture is presented, as well as the resulting initial and boundary conditions required for the numerical calculation of the double charge explosion from explosive gases mixture to create a fire barrier
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