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Title: Definition of Accumulated Operation Time Distributions for a Cable Product Insulation Within the Defined Life Cycles
Authors: Катунін, Альберт Миколайович
Кулаков, Олег Вікторович
Кожушко, Ярослав Миколайович
Герасимов, Сергій
Васильева, Ірина;
Коноваленко, Ольга
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IEEE UKRCON-2019
Citation: IEEE UKRCON-2019: IEEE 2nd Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering Lviv, Ukraine, July 2-6, 2019 / Track 3: Industrial and Power Electronics & Energy Systems. Р. 355-358.
Series/Report no.: Track 3: Industrial and Power Electronics & Energy Systems;
Abstract: Inappropriate state of cable products in electric power supply lines can cause fire accidents. To be able to foresee cable faults it is necessary to develop an approach for estimating state of a cable on the basis of measurements of current state of its insulation. The paper describes an experiment, where distributions of accumulated operating time for cable insulation within the definite life cycles are defined.In the experiment the grade NAYY-J 4×10 cable was used.
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