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Title: Physical modelling of changes in the energy impact on a worker taking into account high-temperature radiation
Authors: Рагимов, Сергей Юсубович
Собина, Віталій Олександрович
Вамболь, Віолета Владиславівна
Вамболь, Сергій Олександрович
Фещенко, Андрій Борисович
Закора, Олександр Вікторович
Стрежекуров, Едуард Євгенійович
Шаломов, Володимир Анатолійович
Issue Date: Nov-2018
Publisher: World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Series/Report no.: Volume 91;Issue 1
Abstract: The purpose of this investigation is development of an experimental installation and definition the intensity of thermal irradiation at workplaces to ensure safety under condition of increased thermal radiation. This purpose is justified as follows. Human health and well-being depend to a large extent on conditions of the internal environment of the premises, which affect the heat exchange of workers with the surrounding surfaces. With this the spectral composition and intensity of irradiation are also important for assessing the effect of thermal radiation.
Description: In this study, was focused on the dependence of the local angular coefficient of irradiation and maximum thermal loads, as well as the transition from indirect measurements to direct ones. This allows us to predict working conditions by the thermal factor in the workplace.
ISSN: 1734-8412
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