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Title: Оценка влияния точечных источников загрязнения на качество воды украинской части дельты Дуная
Authors: Цитлишвили Е.А., Васенко А.Г., Свиридов Ю.В., Брук В.В.
Keywords: wastewaters, water quality, pollution factor, dilution factor, assimilative capability, immobilize biocenosis, disk-shaped bioreactor
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Citation: Цитлишвили Е.А. Васенко А.Г., Свиридов Ю.В., Брук В.В. Оценка влияния точечных источников загрязнения на качество воды украинской части дельты Дуная. Вісник Хмельницького національного університетусерія: Технічні науки, 2020, № 1 (281). 290 с. (57-62). DOI 10.31891/2307-5732-2020-281-1-39-44.
Series/Report no.: Технічні науки;1 (281)
Abstract: The purpose of this article is the estimation of the impact on river water quality of the wastewaters discharges from Ukraine into the Danube river. The data of 15 enterprises that discharge return water to the Danube River are given; for 10 enterprises, return water falls into the categories “normatively clean without purification” or “normatively treated”. This estimation has been carried out by means of two proposed criterions: local impact (KL) and large-scale impact (KM). As a local criterion the pollution factor in the checkpoint on the distance of 50 m from discharge had been used. For estimation by local criterion the dilution factor and pollutant concentrations in the checkpoints had been calculated. These calculations were based on the mathematical model of the forming of water quality nearby wastewater discharge. As a large-scale criterion the part of the rivers assimilative capability that needs to assimilate pollutions from discharge had been used. It has been determined that by both criterions the maximum impact on Danube river water quality has the Izmail Cellulose-cardboard combine (CCC). By large-scale criterion besides CCC the considerable impact on river water quality has the wastewater discharge from the Kiliia municipal company “Light”. The influence of other discharges of return water according to the KL criterion is insignificant due to the high multiplicity of dilution of return water by river waters. The main pollutants in wastewaters of these discharges are organic substances, ammonium nitrogen, nitrites. The measures for additional wastewater cleaning from these pollutants are suggested. These measures are based on using of disk-shaped bioreactor. Such an event can be an environmentally friendly and economically accessible local structure - a disk bioreactor, which is a biological unit of semisubmersible rotating carriers with an immobilized consortium of microbiocenosis
ISSN: 2307-5732
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