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Title: Perspectives of nuclear energy development in Ukraine on the global trends basis
Authors: Тарадуда, Дмитро Віталійович
Popov, O. O.
Iatsyshyn, A. V.
Deineha, M. A.
Novak, T. S.
Keywords: nuclear energy
nuclear power units
small modular nuclear reactors
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd. No.2 The Distillery Glassfields Avon Street Bristol BS2 OGR United Kingdom
Citation: 4th International Conference on Sustainable Futures: Environmental, Technological, Social and Economic Matters (ICSF-2023)
Series/Report no.: Volume 1254;012108
Abstract: The article examines global trends in the development of the nuclear power industry. It includes the following: extending the operating life of nuclear power units; development of atomic energy in the context of the Paris Agreement; development of nuclear- hydrogen energy; synergistic interaction of renewable energy sources and nuclear power plants; introduction of new reactor technologies. The attitude of di erent countries of the world to atomic energy is described. It is determined that China and India are the leaders in developing nuclear power. It was determined that small modular reactors are considered transformative reactors that will contribute to the further development of atomic energy in the world. The advantages of small modular reactors in comparison with reactors of large capacity are described, and recommendations for selecting small modular reactors for Ukraine are formulated. Installation of small modular reactors at the operational sites of the NPPs of Ukraine can reduce the nancial costs of their construction. Therefore, it will contribute to the sustainable development of the nuclear energy industry of Ukraine.
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