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Title: Scintillation materials on the base of cesium iodide and method for its prepatation
Other Titles: Сцинтилляционный материал на основе йодида цезия и метод его получения
Authors: Vinograd, Eduard L.
Goriletsky, Valentin I.
Kovaleva, Ludmila V.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Shakhova, Klavdia V.
Shpilinskaya, Larisa N.
Keywords: CsI:Tl crystal
radiation hardness
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Unated States Patent
Citation: Patent 5 876 630 US Mar. 2, 1999
Abstract: A cesium iodide based scintillation material is obtained exhibiting a low afterglow and high radiation hardness; its preparation method is developed, too. The cesium iodide based scintillation material doped by thallium iodide contains an additional admixture of compound having the general formula Mex (CO3) y, where Me is a cationic admixture, 1≦ X≦ 2, 1≦ Y≦ 5, This material has in its absorption spectrum a stretching vibration band of CO3 2--ion about 7 μm and a bending vibration band about 11.4 μm, the absorption coefficient of the ...
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