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Title: 3-D Radome-Enclosed Aperture Antenna Analyses and Far-Side Radiation
Authors: Важинський, Сергій Едуардович
Сухаревський, Илля Володимирович
Сухаревський, Ілля Олегович
Keywords: Aperture antenna, geometrical optics, geometrical theory of diffraction, physical optics, radomes, sidelobe supression.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: VOL. 58, NO. 9, SEPTEMBER
Series/Report no.: VOL. 58, NO. 9;
Abstract: Abstract—Physical optics integral representations of the fields are given for the 3-D model of the aperture antenna with specified ampliphase excitation law enclosed in a radome. The problem is reduced to finding fields of a plane wave diffracted on the “symmetrized” radome. This model is used for calculations of radiation patterns and for analyses of far-field radiation. Peculiarities of the ray pattern and caustics are analyzed using geometrical optics (geometrical theory of diffraction) method. The contribution of the stationary phase points in the aperture to the far-side radiation has been investigated. Results of numerical calculations are presented
ISSN: 0018-926X
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