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Title: Formation of Radiation-Induced Defects in CsI(Tl) Crystals Containing BO2– Ions
Other Titles: Образование радиационно-стимулированных дефектов в кристаллах CsI:Tl, содержащих борат-ионы
Authors: Kovaleva, Ludmila V.
Shpilinskaya, Larisa N.
Kudin, Alexander M.
Mitichkin, Anatoly I.
Charkina, Tamara A.
Keywords: CsI Crystal
Scintillation detecrors
borate ion
radiation hardness
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Харьков: "Институт монокристаллов"
Citation: Functional Materials, 1998 – vol. 5, 4. – P.484-489.
Abstract: The presence of BO; ions has been found to cause photochemical and radiation-chemical coloration of Csl(Tl) crystals, similarly to the case of CO3- ions; the spectral composition of formed centers is the same in both cases. The formation mechanism of radiation-induced defects in Csl(Tl,BO2) crystais due to BO2; ion destruction under F-center formation has been considered. A model of F-Iike color centers including thallium ions is discussed. Absorption bands at 430 and 520 nm are ascribed to transitions in Tl! center disturbed by an anionic vacancy while that at 830 nm, by transitions in F-center disturbed by a (Tl+-Tl+) one
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